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Organic Regenerative New Zealand Wool Bedding

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Regenerative Organic

Soft and Pure

Our signature bedding is regenerative organic, making it ultra-breathable and supremely soft.

No harsh chemicals. No synthetics. Just simplicity and comfort.

It's how we ensure our products are not just healthier for you, but for the planet too.

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Regenerative Wool Duvet

Deeper Sleep

Enjoy deeper, natural sleep thanks to the supernatural wonder of regenerative wool.

Fall asleep sooner and improve restorative deep sleep by up to 25%.

Get the deep sleep you need for mornings full of energy.

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Wake Up Refreshed

Wake up refreshed

Brighter Days

Let your skin breathe and enjoy refreshing sleep without overheating.

Say goodbye to night sweats and hot flushes. Our fiber draws away heat and humidity.

So you keep cool and dry for a night of undisturbed slumber.

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  • Deeper Sleep

    Our wool naturally draws heat and moisture away, helping you fall into REM faster, improving deep sleep up to 25%.

  • Cooler Nights

    Wool naturally regulates your body temperature. This prevents night sweats or chills from disrupting deep sleep.

  • Brighter Days

    Our wool's anti-microbial properties give you a fresh, clean bed each morning, so you awake refreshed without the sweat-soaked haze.

  • Regenerative Farming for a Healthier Planet

    Regenerative farming improves ecosystems by enriching soil, which stores carbon to combat climate change.

  • Regenerative Organic Cotton

    Our sheets are made using regenerative methods that eliminate chemicals and pesticides while reducing water use by 90% compared to conventional cotton.

  • Healthier Sleep

    Unlike conventional bedding made from microfiber (plastic!) and feather, our bedding improves quality of sleep, not just the quantity, leading to deeper, healthier sleep.

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It's the easiest way to improve your health and the planet, one sleep at a time.

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healthier for you and the planet

Better Sleep, Naturally.

A naturally healthy home is the foundation for a healthier, happier life.

And it all starts with better sleep.

Real, deep, restorative sleep.

Because when you sleep better, you live better.

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