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Take care of your Antipodean products and they'll take care of you.


Duvet Inserts

Refresh Your Duvet Naturally

Our inserts are dry clean only to preserve the softness and delicate nature of the organic regenerative filling.

But wait! Sunlight works wonders for our regenerative wool duvets! Simply lay your duvet in the sun for 2-3 hours. The UV rays activate the wool's natural self-cleaning properties, removing odors and bacteria. This leaves your duvet fresh, allergen-free and extra soft without washing.

For occasional stains, trust an organic dry cleaner. Never machine wash - even gentle cycles may shrink the wool.

When not in use, store your duvet in the included breathable cotton bag away from sunlight and moisture. Proper storage maintains longevity.

Let the sun's regenerative power freshen your duvet naturally. Combined with our chemical-free wool, it's a match made for healthier, more comfortable sleep. Treat your duvet right and it will provide years of cozy, sustainable comfort.

Sheet Sets and Duvet Cover

Caring for Your Chemical-Free Organic Cotton Sheets

Our organic cotton sheets provide breathable comfort and allergen-free sleep. By following these natural care tips, you'll enjoy them night after night:

• Wash in cold water on a gentle cycle. Our sheets are not pre-shrunk with harsh chemicals.

• Tumble dry low and use our wool dryer balls to reduce wrinkles, static, and drying time. They are a natural alternative to fabric softeners.

• Never use bleach or other harsh chemicals that could damage the cotton fibers.

With their inherent softness and breathability, our organic cotton sheets promote quality sleep and healthy skin when cared for properly. Treat them gently and let nature do the rest - you'll be rewarded with incredible comfort and longevity.

Embrace that "I woke up like this" rumpled look or break out the warm iron to give your sheets that crisp, "I've got it all together" finish. Either way, you'll be ready to tackle a brand-new day.

Wool Laundry Balls

Try these fluffy friends

Ideal for those with sensitivities, our wool dryer balls provide a gentler alternative to single-use dryer sheets and chemical-laden fabric softeners.

By popping these fluffy friends into your dryer, you'll be amazed at how they work their magic. Our wool dryer balls boost air circulation within the dryer, allowing for swifter moisture evaporation and a fresher, cleaner outcome.

They lift and separate laundry, enhancing airflow to reduce wrinkles, static and drying time by up to 30%. Plus, you can bid farewell to annoying pet hair and lint on your clothes and bedding, making life a breeze for allergy sufferers.

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