Discover Our Regenerative Merino Wool Duvets

Discover Our Regenerative Merino Wool Duvets

Greg Bailey
1 minute read

Our Regenerative Merino Wool Duvets are the better choice for better sleep. Here are a few things to look out for.

If you've never slept under a wool duvet, you're missing out on a world of difference.

The slight weight of the duvet is immediately noticeable, and it has a calming effect that helps prevent tossing and turning.

If you're a hot or restless sleeper, you'll also notice that your bed will be drier in the morning, thanks to regenerative wool's natural moisture-wicking properties. This means no nasty germs or bacteria will grow, giving you a nice, clean, and healthier bed.

Finally, our design innovation will help you feel comfy and warm all night by enhancing the regenerative wool’s ability to regulate temperature. That’s the mirco-climate at work.

Experience the transformative power of the deep sleep you need to feel your best.

Because a better tomorrow starts with a good night's sleep.

Regenerative Wool Duvets

Regenerative Wool Duvets


Discover supernatural comfort with our organic regenerative merino wool duvet inserts. Our comforters enhance natural sleep cycles, promoting deeper, undisturbed sleep. While the layers of regenerative wool prevent overheating, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the night.  The unique Airlay… read more

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